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Linshu County Heng new material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, our company is a collection of R & D, production, sales and service in one of the new Mstar Technology Ltd. The company is located in Linshu County, Shandong province Linyi hi tech Innovation Service Center, with 360 employees, including 18 senior titles and 27 intermediate titles.
Management projects include the production and installation of greenhouse skeleton and related facilities. The company has invested heavily in R & D, greenhouse skeleton produced by our company has received a number of national patents, has its own R & D design automatic greenhouse production technology and production lines, greenhouses, aquaculture can produce different specifications of greenhouse vegetables, greenhouse flowers, greenhouse, greenhouse cultivation etc.. The new material produced by our company service life, compression resistance, waterproof, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and other properties were beyond the national standard, is to replace the traditional greenhouse materials of the highest quality products, suitable for aquaculture, aquaculture, planting, breeding, flowers, edible fungus, livestock farming and other industries.



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